cookie and the little fish

I don’t think any of the players here have seen a person with a sun burn. After morning practice, a nice high-noon run, and another afternoon practice, my face is as red as a lobster. Even with the 45 sunblock, I am fried. The weather here is gorgeous and I am trying to spend as much time outside before I return to the snow and cold gray of the Midwest. There is one player who speaks English very well and during our evening film session, she pointed to her jacket and said my face was as red as her jacket.

I didn’t get a chance to get out of the complex today, but as I was entering the library a player drove up in her SCOOTER. She left the keys in the ignition and gave me the go. I rode around the complex and nearly took off out the front gate but then thought better of it.

From what I can tell the city has a terrible stray dog problem. There are several dogs throughout the complex that hang out on the track. There is one dog which I call Cookie (because she looks like an oreo) that has made her home close to one of our practice fields. Until today she has responded to my calls with a wagging tail but she never ventured close. She seems more civilized than the other dogs. So today I got smart and took food and water to practice. On my first day Coach Bill gave me a bag of little, dried fish. I only had one 🙂 So I brought the rest out to Cookie and now I have a friend for life. By the beginning of practice she learned how to sit and stay. I may just have to sneak her into my room and give her bath. She is small enough to fit into my backpack.

My Cookie

cookie and the little fish

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