fish heads at the beach

My biggest mistake was not charging my camera battery.

I woke up with no real plans except to take my bike and go get coffee. Then I got a knock on my door and 5 of the players told me they were taking me to the beach for a Barbeque! I grabbed my backpack and out the door I went. There are two pitchers here from the Philippines and they were also invited. The two pitchers speak Spanish to one another and one speaks excellent English, but neither speak Chinese. One player from the team has taught herself English from TV and popular music. While driving to our destination we were all able to understand each other with our broken Chinese, Spanish, and English. Switching back and forth we managed to get our point across clearly.

Our tour guide and driver, Voice, dropped us off at a ferry which we took to a tiny little island. The last time I was on a boat in an Ocean I was Salmon fishing in San Francisco and puked for hours. Luckily, the trip was only 5 minutes and I never lost my land legs or stomach. Two of the players arrived early and set-up camp underneath a tree very close to the water. This was not a propone tank barbeque, and we didn’t even use charcoal, they collected wood from around the tree and burned it to coals. Our feast consisted of goat, foot long big bacon and thin loin strips, salted whole fish, tofu, and peppers. It was delicious and a great change of pace from the cafeteria food. I had a real problem when they killed the fish by hitting it over the head with a mallet. I think the fish was still alive and moving when they put it on the grill. When it was done they just put it on a plate and dug in with their chopsticks. Each bite I took of the fish I had visions of it flopping around on the grill. It was so tasty, but I couldn’t get over the whole kill the fish image. And since the head was still attached I felt like the fish was somehow watching me. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures.

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