Free like a bird

Well I discovered the holiday… it is the end of the Chinese New Year! As I made it to the entrance of the complex, Coach Bill mysteriously appeared in his car. He asked me where I was going and I told him to the store. He followed right behind me in the scooter and bike lane. People were honking angrily as they passed us. I was sooooooooo embarrassed! He just wanted to make sure I was safe.  It’s not as if I don’t stick out like a sore thumb anyway. We pulled up to the parking lot and he asked if I wanted to have lunch. He said he would pick me up in a half hour. While I was shopping I headed straight for the Doritos and bottled Coffee. Then I searched for the laundry detergent.  It took me 5 mins to find the section and 15 mins to figure out which product was the soap. My laundry is washing now so I hope I found detergent. We will see.

Once again Coach Bill drove up on his scooter. I am beginning to get the hang of this whole scooter thing. (MOM don’t worry I won’t rent one while I am here.) We headed straight for a street cart and ordered buns, then we squeezed into a little restaurant to order soup. I guess the tradition is to eat soup and burn fake money on the last day of the New Year. The soup was delicious and I know exactly where the restaurant is located in case I have time to leave the complex again. Then Coach Bill took me to two more tourist attractions. People were praying and burning incense. I love the sightseeing.

Coach Bill dropped me off at my bike and asked where I was going. I told a little white lie…. I said I would go back, but I didn’t say when. Must have been lost in translation, I guess. I rode my borrowed bike for two hours and only got lost once!

My bike with the missing pedal! img_0814.jpg Coach Bill ordering buns for lunch Delicious soup Burning money

img_0844.jpg img_0843.jpg img_0842.jpg img_0841.jpg img_0840.jpg img_0838.jpg img_0835.jpg img_0834.jpg img_0833.jpg img_0830.jpg img_0826.jpg img_0823.jpg img_0822.jpg img_0821.jpg img_0820.jpg img_0819.jpg img_0817.jpg img_0816.jpg  Temple

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