Hall of Fame

SoftballOne likes to recognize and honor specific students for their accomplishments or contributions to the game of softball.


Brandi Brown—C 1B

University of Dayton: Class of 2008

Katie Cretin—2B

Northern Ohio University: Class of 2008

Chrissy Rankin—C

Northern Ohio University: Class of 2008

Lauren Hatfield—C

University of Southern Indiana: Class of 2009

Mckendzie Jordan—P

University of Southern Indiana: Class of 2014

Sarah Callis—OF

St Mary’s College: Class of 2012

Kirsten Bartlett—SS

University of Dayton: Class of 2012

Jenny Esparza—P

Butler University: Class of 2010

Megan Ramey—P

St. Joseph’s College: Class of 2010

Jessica Cates—P

St. Joseph’s College: Class of 2012

Lauren Grant—P

Anderson University: Class of 2014

Brittany Gray—P

University of Georgia: Class of 2014

Shelby Gott—OF

Oakland University: Class of 2010

Audra Rains—1B

St. Joseph’s College: Class of 2014

Cameron Anderson—C

Tennessee State University: Class of 2014

Carlie Weaver—P

Indiana Wesleyan University: Class of 2014

Alyssa Shriver—SS

Oakland University: Class of 2010

Shelby Wilson—SS

Indiana State University: Class of 2010

Erika Petruzzi—P, OF

Purdue University: Class of 2009

Kayla Bear—OF

Eastern Illinois University: Class of 2015

Jessie Britt—SS

Tennessee Martin University: Class of 2012

Sarah Twinning—OF

St. Joseph’s College: Class of 2010

Becca Twinning—OF

Marion University: Class of 2012

Morgan Laws—P

Danville Community College: Class of 2015

Morgan Masters—P

St. Joseph’s College: Class of 2015

Payton Hollis—OF

Danville Community College-: Class of 2015

Sydney Morgan—OF

Cleveland State University: Class of 2012

Karon Early—U

Taylor University: Class of 2009

Cassie Loweth—U

Indiana University: Class of 2009

Sydney Casteel—OF

Louisiana Tech University: Class of 2017

Savannah Sarkine—U

Oberlin College: Class of 2014

Kylie Minton—P

: Class of 2014

Erica Arbuckle —P/OF

Centre College: Class of 2014

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