Q: Can I just walk in to SoftballOne?

A: SoftballOne is an instruction-based facility. Although we do offer facility rentals when classes are not in session, our business model does not include memberships for families or individuals, cage, or mound rentals. If you would like to see our coaches in action before committing to training we recommend that you phone ahead before your visit. It is our highest priority to protect our students and control their learning area.

Q: What are the credentials of the instructors?

A: SoftballOne instructors are the most qualified in the area. Cara Johnson-Hirsch and Li Wen have years of experience at the Olympic, collegiate, and travel ball level. Our training focuses on the basic principles of the sport and the softball specific mechanics of our game. The personal and instructional biographies of each instructor are available on on our coaches page.

Q: Do I have to bring my catcher for pitching lessons?

A: All pitchers must provide their own catcher for our classes. If a pitcher is scheduled for a private lesson our instructors are able to act as a catcher. However, more can be accomplished if the instructor is free to teach and not simply catching.

Q: What is an appropriate age for my daughter to start lessons?

A: Generally we would not recommend starting your daughter in a class unless she is at least 8 years of age. Although many parents choose to start with hitting or pitching first we highly recommend addressing the defensive skills of all young players. Correct throwing and fielding techniques established early on prevent injury and better ensure the overall success of a player long-term.

Q: How often should my daughter practice?

A: As much as possible within reason. Mix it up, keep moving, and stay healthy! Our best softball players play other sports that involve running and jumping. It is important to practice the softball skill or technique from the weekly lessons, but the amount of time devoted to one specific sport should be age appropriate. Because Research shows that early participation in multiple sports leads to better overall motor and athletic development, longer playing careers, increased ability to transfer sports skills other sports and increased motivation, ownership of the sports experience, and confidence. Changing the Game Project is a wonderful resource for parents, coaches, and players.

  • Prior to age 12: 80% of time should be spent in deliberate play and in sports OTHER THAN the chosen sport!
  • Age 13-15: 50/50 split between a chosen sport and other athletic pursuits
  • Age 16+: Even when specialization becomes very important, 20% of training time should still be in the non-specialized sport and deliberate play.

Q: How do I register my daughter for lessons at SoftballOne?

A: We prefer a personal approach to our scheduling to better assist with learning and accommodate the busy schedules of our families. Katie Arbuckle is in charge of all our scheduling tasks. Katie can be reached via phone/text at 317.431.3861 or katie@softballone.com. Also please take a moment to fill out our registration form.

Q: What is the cancelation policy at SoftballOne? What happens if I need to cancel last minute or forget to cancel prior to the lesson?

A: Starting 1/1/16 we will require a pay for the month and 24 hour cancellation notice. Lessons cancelled within the 24 hour grace period will not be charged. If you fail to notify us within 24 hours of your scheduled lesson you will be charged for the lesson.

Q: How do I pay for lessons?

A: Starting 1/1/16 we will require payment at the first of the month for the amount of lessons scheduled per month. You may pay with checks and cash. Credit cards are accepted but an additional processing fee will be applied to your total.

Q: If I cancel in enough time will I receive a credit for the lesson I paid for at the beginning of the month?

A: Yes you will receive a credit for the next month or you may contact Katie Arbuckle to reschedule.

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