Defensive Lessons

The Importance of Defensive Lessons

In the Midwest, softball players face an enormous disadvantage when entering the college recruiting arena due to our lack of defense fundamentals. Many will find they can hit or pitch with the best of them, but when it comes to arm-strength, footwork, and glove-work we fall way behind the curve nationally and internationally. In addition our lack of defensive skills indirectly puts our players safety at risk because incorrect throwing mechanics leads to sever shoulder/elbow injuries. And because our hitting is much more advanced, players find it difficult to simply protect themselves. At SoftballOne we recognize these struggles and have developed a fundamentally sound, simple and highly effective program to give fastpitch softball fielders of all levels and skills needed to compete, protect themselves, and become a complete player for their entire career.

Types of Lessons Offered in Our Defensive Program

The Basics of Throwing and Catching a Ball

Often ignored and addressed too late, the importance of learning how to throw a softball is the foundation of any great softball player. Arm strenght and throwing velocity are skills a college coach first wants to see in a player. Young players should approach throwing training the same way young pitchers regard learning  how to pitch with precision and detail. Our program is designed with a ground-up approach. In order for a player to master an advanced throwing motion they must first learn proper footwork, timing, and balance when receiving the ball and preparing for the glove to hand transfer. Learning these skills early on will enable players to adjust to any position on the field, easily understand the more advance techniques, and prevent injury later down the road.


Position-Specific Training

At SoftballOne position-specific class is a detailed training program that has been developed to enhance every component of athletic performance on the softball field while decreasing the potential for injury. Classes give players a chance to improve on the exclusive skills of their primary defensive position and gain better understanding of how to execute these skills in game situations exclusive to their position. These classes also consist of softball-specific physical conditioning, communication tactics, and strategic mental training.


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