Going to give a shout out to Laview-Wumas Wen & Cara Johnson-Hirsch at SoftballOne in Brownsburg. They’re amazing! Have improved my daughter 1000% in just a few months! Hitting (her first triple last weekend!) defense and catching lessons. She’s learning so much!

— Mandy Ortgiesen Harris

I am currently a sophomore at Purdue University studying Biology Health and Disease with a minor in Forensic Science. I began working with Cara in 2006 with pitching and then eventually to both pitching and hitting. Cara has been the greatest role model I think I have ever had. She has given me the world and given me opportunities I could never imagine. She is the kind of coach that instills confidence in her students on and off the field. With this confident, even as a student, I was able to push the edges of my mind to challenge and explore my academic world. Cara always knew I was bright, yet during the 1 to 2 hours I spent with her a week, she was able to push me to be better that wasn’t just on the field. Even as she took me to Taiwan to play with her twice, she emphasized how important it is to keep working in school. She is one of those coaches who cares how you excel in every aspect in life. When Laview came to work for SoftballOne, she fell right in stride with Cara. Laview is the coach that plays off students’ natural abilities to enhance them and make them better. Her optimism brings confidence in the students. Their triumphs are also hers, she focuses on the basics for a long term success for students instead of the short term outcome. These two ladies have done wonders not only for my game, but for life in general and I am proud to have worked with them.

— Melanie Baumgart

Cara and Laview are amazing. We have been in pitching lessons for almost 3 years and we are fortunate enough to have coached by both Cara and Laview. Not only do they work with their students, they think outside the box to find ways to train. They don’t just work during the lessons, they are working on tools to strengthen the girls in mind and body. The defense classes offered by Laview are one of kind. It made a huge difference for our daughter as she tried out for her teams this season. Thanks Cara and Laview!

— Steph and Jim Edwards

My daughter came late to softball starting at age 9. She is pretty athletic and a quick learner and made it to all-stars by age 10 and her first travel team at age 11. We discovered Cara when her travel coach wanted her to pitch. Cara worked with her a few months and got her pitching strikes, but also helped her realize she was better elsewhere. 3 months of hitting, defense and catching lessons and she’s blossoming at catching – her true love! She’s hitting better than ever, and throwing accurately and with more power. Cara & Laview are experts at finding the littlest things that need corrected. They also teach life lessons of respect, responsibility, consequences and mental & physical toughness! They bring out the best in their athletes and the girls LOVE learning from them. We feel so blessed that our daughter can learn from these two!

— Mandy Ortgiesen Harris

Since our youngest daughter (12) has been playing for S1 she has learned so much about the game of softball which translates into so much more. From the basics of proper catching and throwing techniques to the mental toughness needed to endure several games in one day, whatever that may involve. Laview and Cara encourage the girls to never pass up an opportunity to do something great, to keep pushing themselves to that next level and provide the encouragement they need to get there. Our oldest daughter also goes to hitting and defense classes with Laview. She has been able to correct some bad habits with her hitting and throwing technique that have helped her improve her game. It has been a very positive experience and we appreciate how passionate Laview and Cara are about what they do.

— Nicky McCoskey

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