Cup tournament, part 2

The tournament has started and so far we are 3-0 and have outscored our opponents 34-1. There are teams here from China and the US. The US team is from Seattle and believe it or not they will be in Brownsburg for the ASA Gold tournament. What a small world. I have been chatting with some of the parents and it is so nice to have an adult conversation in complete sentences. The tournament was broadcast on TV last night and the coach gave me a lot of praise. They are killing the ball and I feel like this opportunity has pushed me to learn more as a coach and become a better teacher. I am really proud of the players, they are amazing athletes and good friends. They have so much talent.

I had to say goodbye to Cookie when we left for Nantou. It broke my heart when she ran along side the bus as we were leaving. Some of the players have told me they will feed her when I leave. I am sure she will be fine. Maybe I should bring her home.

It took us around 4 hours to get to here. Nantou is surrounded by mountains and is more like a small town. I am not sure how it started, but this is the hotbed for softball. I would say half the team plus all the coaches are from Nantou. You can tell they take great pride in this tournament and are very proud to show me their hometown. Although… I sprained my foot playing basketball with my translators. And the worst part about it all, we were kicking butt! But anyway my goal is to be able to walk without pain before the 7th. I went to a chinese doctor last night and he wrapped my foot in this herbal spread. The swelling has gone down, but I still can’t put weight on my foot. I am a little worried about the trip home. Cherri said just to get rides at the airport and I think I will. I want to go into the mountains and Sun Moon Lake on my two days off before I leave for Taipei. One of the players on the Nantou team is Native and her people reside in the mountains. I think her tribe is called Bandou. Anyway I would really like to see that culture and meet the people.

Last night was the tournament banquet. It was at a Japanese resturant which was odd. However, the food was wonderful except for the fish with eyeballs. I have tried and enjoyed almost everything put in front of me, but for some reason I cannot get over the fish head. I had raw fish in wasabi sauce. It was delicious.

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